NetFoundry Announce New Embedded Networking Solution for Microsoft Azure Edge Zones

Published – Apr 2020

IoT, cloud, and edge computing technologies have been creating new opportunities for many in the last few years, and we are beginning to see the entire industries from finance to healthcare transform. Increased speeds in mobile connectivity are enabling more immersive, higher-speed experiences that are demanding, ultra-low latency, and call for real-time requirements, namely 5G.

Published – Mar 2020

The onset of this COVID-19 global pandemic has caused severe disruption throughout the world; as a result, a lockdown has been enforced in most regions and is having a specific and substantial impact on the workplace. With many offices closing, employees have had to self-isolate themselves in their homes, causing significant difficulties for communication within and between companies.

Published – Mar 2020

With so much emphasis on open source software and platforms, at times we lose sight of how hardware is continuing to advance, with its own community development and standardization efforts. The Linux Foundation recently announced their Zephyr Project, which is building a secure and flexible real-time operating system (RTOS) for the Internet of Things (IoT) in space-constrained devices, welcomes Adafruit, an interesting company that enables makers to build DIY electronic products.