In A Post-Pandemic World, Safer and Healthier Retail Stores and Offices Prepare for the Future

Published – May 2021

As mask mandates and other regulations are slowly lifting, retailers are investing in making in-person shopping experiences better than before, as consumers rediscover the joy of shopping offline.

Companies whose employees have been forced to work from home are, likewise, making preparations for the return of in-person collaboration, knowing that concerns about the COVID-19 virus will linger, with a heightened sense of the importance of safe spaces.

Retailers and businesses are not sure when customers and employees will come back in full force, but they need to be ready when they do.

Published – May 2021

Organizations of all sizes are rapidly moving their business applications, including E-Mail, ERP, and CRM, to the Cloud because it is more cost-effective and flexible. Especially given the massive increase in remote workers over the last year, they are moving their phone systems to the cloud, too, choosing hosted virtual PBX services, and abandoning their expensive, inflexible servers once and for all.

Published – May 2021

Last week’s United for Infrastructure series of virtual events drew a record crowd, with contributions from the White House, US Congress, and many government agencies, as well as top industry analysts and executives from the private sector.

Given the rapid evolution of infrastructure, which blends physical and digital aspects, the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things was woven throughout five solid days of keynotes, roundtables, and audience interactive Q&A sessions.